We use the following options for shipping goods from China:

I. You can read about official shipping here.

II. Simplified delivery (without documents and duties):

  1. Here our previous delivery to different countries. Please note that weight, volume and even kind of goods may affect the price:

    🇪🇺 Europe (5-8 days) — $10 / kg
    🇺🇸 United States (6-10 days) — $12 / kg
    🇦🇺 Australia (5-8 days) — $8 / kg
    🇸🇬 Singapore (5 days) — $6 / kg

  2. Delivery to Ukraine, Uzbekistan by partner cargo, we will give contacts upon request. Rates and delivery times have to be confirmed on your own.
  3. Delivery to other countries is possible too and to be discussed during your order.
  4. Delivery by your shipping company. We deliver the goods to this company’s warehouse, or the company itself picks up the goods from our warehouse.

When delivered by third-party companies, we are not responsible for the timing and safety of the goods. However, at the request of the client, we can make a video report on the contents of the cargo before shipment. When sent by a third-party shipping company, claims for shortage without a video report will not be accepted.