Working conditions

We only deal with wholesale.
Minimum order for clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories: starting from 5 pieces per color (5 black, 5 white). In some rare cases, this minimum can be 10-20 pieces per color — depends on the supplier.

The commission fee for processing the order and inspection is 10%.

There is no minimum amount of purchase (you can place an order for any amount). One commission includes 1 order + 1 additional order within 10 days.

Work with the catalog includes:

  1. Access to catalogs with real live photos (what you see is what you get).
  2. Placement of order and assistance with money transfer.
  3. Purchasing, receipt and inspection of goods.
  4. Preparation for shipment and control of goods delivered to the consignee.

Access to catalogs are free of charge. The order placement starts with a pre-payment which amount is RMB 500. An advanced payment guaranties the client’s intentions, and is counted in the final calculation. The pre-payment is non-refundable, if the client refuses to work, changes her/his mind or her/his plans changed.

Our partners are experienced businessmen with operating stores. They understand what kind of goods and at what prices are needed, what margin to make and what colors are tradable. We do not advise on these matters and do not decide for the client what items and what quantity to buy.

What is important to keep in mind?

  1. In most cases, we purchase an order from stocks of available items from suppliers in China, so be prepared for the fact that some goods may not be available by the end in the process of purchase.
  2. A small fee for shipping goods within China from the supplier to our warehouse will be added to the order amount. Usually it costs from RMB 1 to RMB 4 per piece, depending on the weight (the cost of shipping for blouse and down jacket will be different). Large orders (from 100–200 pieces per model) will be delivered by suppliers for free.
  3. It is not enough to deliver the order to the warehouse, we need to check if it matches the order for the models and colors you’ve chosen. If there are any mistakes, we correct them and return the incorrect goods to the supplier. It takes time, so please be patient while your order is processing. We are interested in shipping goods as soon as possible and therefore will immediately inform clients when the order is ready. Until then, we are busy with inspection.
  4. If product branding, composition tags, brand labels and other additional options are required, please contact the manager beforehand to start branding production in advance, before placing an order.

Order payment

The order is paid in 2 stages. The first stage is the transfer of 90% of the amount of order after placing. The second stage is the transfer of the remaining balance for the order, payment of commission and additional costs (sewing on tags, delivery within China) etc.

Payment options

In terms of simplified cooperation (no documents, no taxes):
— Cards of Chinese banks (only individuals, RMB);
— Chinese payment systems WeChat, Alipay;
— In some cases, PaySend / cash can be accepted.

In terms of official cooperation (contract, invoice, taxes):
— Transfer to bank account of a Chinese company (only legal entity, RMB account).

Read more about the official cooperation here .

Inspection of goods, defective goods

We check the goods to match the model, color and quantity. We discuss all aspects of resorting and/or replacements of goods with the client (for example, 5 black and 5 white dresses were ordered, but 6 black and 4 white were received, our partner will be aware of this situation in advance). We don’t check every single item for defects. When working with China, the amount of defective goods allowed is up to 5% of the total party. We do not work with unmarketable goods or cheap low-quality goods. We reject dealing with poor quality goods at the moment of selection for the catalog. Therefore, a large amount of defective goods isn’t possible. If you find 1–5% of defective goods upon receipt of the order, it is normal. Usually our customers fix it on their own, and if it is not possible, write-off the defective goods, dividing their cost for the whole party.